Local Group

“Our main value is the strength of the group.”

foto gruppo

The beginning of our story took place in 2003. As in every growth path inside BEST, also our Local BEST Group (LBG), after having become a Baby Member by the end of 2003, turned to be a Full Member in November 2005.

BEST Rome Tor Vergata is located in the Engineering Faculty of the University of Rome Tor Vergata at the second floor in room 22.

The main events organized by our LBG are:

  • EBEC: engineering competition that takes place in two days, Case Study and Team Design;
  • Summer Course: 22 students coming from European universities with a BEST group take part in a scientific-technological course.

Board XVI

  • Valerio Fornari – President
  • Francesco Monacelli – Secretary, Treasurer
  • Emanuele Ceracchi – VP for External Relations
  • Marco Bacci – VP for Internal Relations
  • Abiel Fsaha Ftwi – Human Resources coordinator
  • Davide Tomaselli – BEST events responsible

Other members

  • Alessio Vintari
  • Andrea Crescenzi
  • Andrea Ranfone
  • Claudia Grassitelli
  • Cosmina Oltean
  • Emanuele Martiradonna
  • Fabrizio Putignano
  • Giorgia Mercuri
  • Giulia Filosa
  • Loris Mitruti
  • Lorenzo Fiorentini
  • Ludovico Lanni
  • Luigi Stigliano
  • Marco Di Carlo
  • Marco Gallinaro
  • Marianna Mancone
  • Matteo Galasso
  • Roberto Pizziol
  • Sergio Guazzerotti
  • Vito Stefano Gozzo